From strategy to execution

Few companies effectively control the resources they manage, regardless of their size. The management team will always require a properly proven management model, which provides the necessary frame of reference to direct and decide.

Companies have different categories of consulting when the time has come to seek external support. Strategic consulting, IT consulting, commissioning or implementation are not the same.

Strategic consulting helps companies to position themselves, rank and select the markets and activities in which they want to operate, as well as define and revolutionize their business model. IT (information technologies) consulting provides tools and technological elements to manage resources and production processes. The commission consultancy performs specific studies or tasks and, finally, the implementation consultancy provides support to implement the strategies with the greatest economy of efforts and resources.

The implementation consulting is the only one that transcends the analysis and goes beyond the proposals that must be implemented by the internal managers. This type of support puts “hands to work”, gets involved with the company and offers measurable results.

Norris & Elliott's Implementation Consulting identifies problems associated with resource allocation and utilization and provides the necessary elements to solve them.