Types of consulting

In general, consulting firms provide their clients with guidance and advice to achieve better performance, cost savings or how to face the future with the greatest security. However, not all consultancies offer the same services or, logically, the same results. In fact, four types of consulting can be distinguished:


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Our Story


The Norris & Elliott Consulting Kind

Although today it is recognized by all managers of medium and large companies that it is very important to properly execute senior management decisions in order to be productive, the reality is that few have effective control of the resources that they manage.

Companies that do not pay enough attention to this aspect, waste up to 50% of the time invested in their operations and according to studies from different sources it can be estimated that this loss in Mexico can represent billions of dollars a year.

The importance of details

In consulting practice, we have found, in a more frequent quantity than we imagine, that managers and middle managers make decisions based on average information, isolated comments about market behavior, opinions about who manages an area of responsibility and other imprecise criteria.

But is this way of acting compatible with the current competition?

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Special Studies

Norris & Elliott has a recognized track record in special studies. Assess the viability and probability of success of each idea and project. It evaluates its feasibility and its synergistic value from the perspective of the market, of profitability and of the available alternatives to detonate its full potential for results.

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Our philosophy

The phenomenon of globalization requires a constant increase in Productivity in all areas. To achieve world-class levels of competitiveness, companies must have the most advanced manufacturing, administration and marketing systems, integrated in turn into modern information and control systems. These resources are not general solutions for any business. Each case and circumstance requires tailored solutions.

Our clients

At Norris & Elliott we have specialized in improving productivity, with a multidisciplinary approach to consulting, essentially oriented towards the implementation of solutions and obtaining results. Our work philosophy starts from the premise of offering solutions that are adjusted to the specific needs of each Client, therefore, no matter how innovative our proposed solutions are, they will always be practical and perfectly achievable.

Summary of Services

Norris & Elliott offers cost-effective solutions to gain market share, strengthen the company's cash flow, and increase added value for its customers and consumers.

In the commercial area, its services include the strengthening of sales, the selection of suitable personnel and the application of technology to define and assess locations: points of sale, customers and suppliers, buildings.

In the financial area, it conducts market and feasibility studies, identification and evaluation of partners, buyers or sellers, and opportunities for mergers and associations in Mexico and abroad. In the operations area, it capitalizes on its experience in industrial engineering, as well as in process reengineering (BPR), to improve the performance of the company through the precise measurement of work and the use of the latest planning, supervision and control technologies. of operations.