Special Studies

Norris & Elliott has a recognized track record in special studies. Assess the viability and probability of success of each idea and project. It evaluates its feasibility and its synergistic value from the perspective of the market, of profitability and of the available alternatives to detonate its full potential for results.

Strategic partners

Identify and evaluate potential partners, buyers or sellers, as well as opportunities for mergers and partnerships in Mexico and abroad.


Carries out technical, commercial and financial feasibility studies to support internal decision-making, investment proposals to third parties and the search for financing.

Market research

Develops analysis and research on market size and trends, product testing, consumer profile and attitude, identity and image, distribution channels, advertising or promotion strategies, price sensitivity and segmentation.


Discipline born from the confluence of marketing and geography, geomarketing incorporates geographic / spatial variables to identify who buys where and evaluate marketing, logistics and distribution efforts. Norris & Elliott uses it as a high precision tool for cases of: Definition or redefinition of profiles and location of stores, or multi-unit businesses Optimization and allocation of sectors, routes, and customers by geographic area. Real estate business analysis (new constructions, population density, etc.). Market studies that require segmented or sectorized results in an area, city or region.